Happy November! So, what did you guys do for Halloween? Over at Tough Cookies we had some big orders to fill, so decided to keep things simple with these little tricky treats.


A quick and effective way to make big batches of professional looking cookies is to use thick, cooled fondant. By cooling it, you can make it sturdier and guarantee clean, sharp edges when you cut it. The cutter used for the fondant was the same as the one that cut the cookie, making for a nice, symmetrical border around each cookie.


With thick fondant like this, you have to be careful not to overdo it with the details. Using a knife or sharp shaping tool, cutting simple lines into the fondant, will allow the cookie to look more intricate, but without dolloping on piles and piles of sugar. A few accents here and there and job done!


So that was our Halloween! What did you guys get up to? Share with us your holiday delights!


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