Winter’s here and the penguins are out to play! Here’s another kit-kat barrel I made for a birthday.

Biscuit barrels are a really easy way to decorate a cake if you’re on a tight time-schedule, and give consistent professional looking borders to your bakes.

For the gluten-free of us out there, dressing a cake in store-bought biscuits can get quite expensive, but you can always opt for chocolate bars, chocolate fingers, or even baking your own! To decorate; simply slather the sides of your cake in buttercream to hold the biscuits on, and wrap it all in a bow to make it extra secure. The “water” in the barrel was made from white chocolate spread mixed with a color-gel and the details are all modeled from fondant.

I’ve seen a “pigs in mud” variant of this cake too. If you have any other ideas on what would look good, swimming in a cake barrel, feel free to tag me in your own renditions!


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