Buddy the Elf’s favorite cupcake


I’d just like to shout out to NotYourMommasCookie for inspiring this Cupcake recipe. She made a desert in homage to the maple-poptart-candy-spaghetti-breakfast in the movie, Elf. I thought I’d put my own twist on it and made single, maple-poptart-candy-spaghetti-breakfast cupcakes! (Probably not for breakfast…maybe on Christmas day) They feature real pieces of Pop Tart, mini marshmallows, a maple cupcake and the whole thing has been drizzled in maple syrup. Mmmmm! If you’d like to try them yourself, all you need is a #2 writing icing tip, or even a #233 grass effect tip if you’re doing a bunch of them, and “draw” the spaghetti all over the cake! How do they taste? MAGICAL! :p


3 thoughts on “Buddy the Elf’s favorite cupcake

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