So I Made a Cake and Thor Went and Smashed It… ðŸ˜›

Cake is delicious, this is fact 😊 and this week Thor decided to drop by the Bakehouse to see for himself! – Just a shame he didn’t look where he was landing 😜

This cake was my first try of making figures using a wire structure. The amount of extra form and movement you can give the character is awesome! (Or should that be Thor-some? 😉) Definitely worth a go if you want to add extra dimension to your cakes! After finding an image online of how I wanted Thor to look, I used florist wire and eyeballed the basic ‘skeleton’, twisting the wire to give extra strength:



By covering the wires in a thin layer of fondant it made it easier to sculpt the figure over the top and hammer out the details – I really want to try this using modelling chocolate aswell to see which works best!


I also did this for the lightning bolts to add the finishing touches!⚡️⚡️


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