Belated Bunny^^

Sorry for the lack of post recently! I’ve been moving from Glasgow to Newcastle and it’s all been a bit hectic! However, Tough Cookies is still baking strong and there’s plenty to show you soon 😊 🍪

In the meantime, happy belated Easter! Hope you all had a chocolatey weekend 😋


So I Made a Cake and Thor Went and Smashed It… 😛

Cake is delicious, this is fact 😊 and this week Thor decided to drop by the Bakehouse to see for himself! – Just a shame he didn’t look where he was landing 😜 This cake was my first try of … Continue reading

That’s a very nice cake you have there…

That’s a very nice cake you have there…

This Gluten-Free Minecraft cake is super simple to make. It’s a giant Rice Krispie Square (using GF Rice Krispies, don’t be fooled; as a lot of brands, including Kellogg’s, contain barley). I’ve never really strayed from the official “Original Treats” … Continue reading